Poem: Creation (The First Week)

 Inspired by the Spiritual Exercises
of St Ignatius of Loyola

Lord, I wait for you
In watch, I pray
When will you come?
By night? By day?

Tender mercy
Steadfast love
Gentle spirit
Ascending dove

Within the gloom
Before the gleam
No flesh or womb
I was your dream

Plans were made
A beam of light!
A leafy glade

Burning bright
Flickering flame
Evening glow
Night came

Caressing hands
Embering light
Warm breeze
Dawn in sight

Waters uphold
Pathways unfold
Wealth untold
Yet before all
this Lord, I!

Bringing sunrise
to your Morning
Starlight to your night
I was your delight


© Niall Markey 2010

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