Poems and Poetry: Benin


Womb of culture

Mother of art

This is the land

I’ve so envisioned in fancy.

A land so boundlessly

Blessed with dexterity

In the work of creativity.

Bronze casting

Wood carving

Bridge between the

Past and the present.

The ancient culture

Of Benin but little

Concession to contemporary

Culture made.

Majestic culture of

Majestic people,

Ancient but not outmoded.

Built out the eternal

Past into the eternal

Present for the

Unforeseeable future.

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Annonomous 4 years ago

Who is the author?

tonymodus profile image

tonymodus 4 years ago Author

My name is Chukwugozi Anthony Modungwo. I graduated from University of Benin in 1981 with a degree in Biochemistry, 1993 with MBA. I have lived in Benin for the past 34years. I am from Delta Ibo and my ancestors migrated from Benin in 1405.

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