Poems and Poetry: An Aura Of Saintliness


Okonkwo exudes an aura of saintliness

And dignity that even in his rags it was

As if he wore a golden robe,

The luxuries of life had no attraction for

Him; its enjoyment no charm.

He’d lived a full life and a rich one

In the way he interpreted richness.

He lived only to aspire after what

Was good and great.

All his life he demanded nothing of

People and expected nothing.

Whatever he got he received with

Undying gratitude.

A life like his lent itself to harsh

Limits of optimism.

He wasn’t loved for his physical

Beauty but for the goodness of

His heart.

Love flowed in his blood

He was clothed with meek and

Crowned with selflessness.

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karwoo profile image

karwoo 5 years ago from Lake Stevens

I really liked this. I have always thought inner beauty should be praised. Lovely

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