Tortuous Narrow Path

Tortuous Narrow Path

As I pass through life

I’ve passed through

Many paths some

Tortuous and narrow

Others wide and smooth

Most people prefer the

Wide and smooth path

Where few lessons are

Learnt and less difficult

To go through

Because the narrow path

Is always difficult to go

Through and I always

Approach it with

Reluctance only pushed

Ahead by the invisible hands

Of the cosmic

At times I’m the sole

Traveler sometimes I’m

Surrounded by others

Sharing the same experiences

We normally experience at

The end of the path

Individually that which

We deserve:

Nobility or sordid baseness

Ecstasy or despair

Sanctity or perversity

Royalty or slavery

Spiritual wealth or

Spiritual poverty

Due to our individual

Ability to overcome.

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vasantha  T k profile image

vasantha T k 5 years ago from Bangalore

nice poem.

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