Poems by LLS - Halloween Witches and Goblins

The night is crisp and the moon a silvery coin

a night when witches and goblins join

in festivities near and far

trying to fill the candy jar.

These are not the witches of lore

or goblins who have come before

but only the neighbor children

and not a vicious villain.

They're lament has been the same

over decades of walking the street

when they knock at a door

they sing "Trick or Treat!"

A tiger, a lion or even a monster!

They are dressed in costumes scary.

sometimes imitating a character

from a favorite story.

Dressing as a favorite saint

is how this tradition got it's start.

But today, it's witches and goblins

begging and playing the part.


LLS (10/1992)

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