Paragon of Womanhood

A Rare Gem

In a world of grief

Frustration and loneliness

The ocean of your love

Buoy me

You help me feel emotionally

Stable in this highly chaotic world

I float on the sustaining waves

Of your love

You’re a paragon of womanhood

The tenderness and concern in

Your brown eyes was my undoing

Never think of walking away

From me; my heart will

Shrivel in sorrow

Love breathes out of you

Like air breathes out of others

You possess qualities

Not encountered every day

As well as an usual individual

Durability and strength

After God made you

He broke the mold

You are a rare gem

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ilymsvicky profile image

ilymsvicky 5 years ago from Long Beach

this poem expresses the love that a man has for a woman whose strength and beauty makes him feel like a better man.

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