Poetry That Speaks Of Pain

Moments In Time...Slipping away from reality

My Mind Melts Into Hell

I feel nothing.
All of me taken.
Fading away.
The mind not in me, goes, leaving on an unscheduled trip.
Caring not to stop this demise.
Hold on to stay.
Chaos takes over.
Grasping, clawing at nothing.
Skin rips.
It is everything damned seen.
Slipping into hell.
Reaching out to save the soul.
Tenacious only for the pain.
Losing the grip.
Suffer lost soul.
Be bound to the ones who fell.
Take the path of the damned.
At long last insane.
Space only for all things sour.
Taking hold.
Swallowing my senses.
Death inside leaves only a shell.
Empty but for the lack of light.
Sweeping life out of the way, captured by darkness.
Pain dense.
Going deeper.
Giving up.
No longer is there a will to fight.

Written by Becky Jo Gibson July 26, 2006  ©

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scriber1 6 years ago

A dark cavernous wail of virtually unspeakable pain.....uttered by and from a now stronger voice. Be proud.

InspiredHippy profile image

InspiredHippy 6 years ago from Old Town, California Author

There are moments when it seems that I will pop from the intensity of my feelings...both joy and pain. To this I owe my ability to write. Thank you for your inspiring words...Tis necessary at times to hear from others.


Angel_In_Disguise profile image

Angel_In_Disguise 6 years ago

THis is really good... really reminds me of my own poetry ...simple words yet deep meaning. I will also follow your work. Keep it up. Your a great writer :) x

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MrDSpade2 6 years ago

This is brilliant, great read...

jesusmyjoy profile image

jesusmyjoy 5 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

great job on this

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