Powerhouse and tiny bulbs

The world is one big lighthouse. It is straight in fight against darkness. They both cannot survive together. You must have witnessed how one cannot stand another. Humans carry a tiny bulb inside: souls.

When you place the bulb and lighthouse in direct contact, the bulb is going to find it hard to stand a chance. The best shot it has is to find a way to keep on lighting the darkness inside the place, the house where it lives.

You can define souls as objects: An object, which lights the darkness.

The big powerhouse swallows any remaining particle of darkness. There is a cycle to be followed. Both, light and darkness, rules at different times of the day. They terrorize one another with its presence.

The tiny bulb is also in fight against the darkness. However it is at peace knowing that its light belongs to the entire universe. Be it darkness- it would say, yes.

The bulb embraces darkness for the fact that it is the only time when it shines the brightest. Had it not been those shady moments, the world has already got a gigantic powerhouse burning outside.

This bulb wouldn't have been left with anything purposeful to do.

Like the tiny bulb who does not fight anything but knows its function and keeps on burning the darkness, we need to find a way to survive knowing everything what does not work for us, it works for something.


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