Refrain 1:
Let me make it clear,
I don’t think I’m blind…
I will fight my fear
In a different kind.
I will leave my story
Somewhere far, behind.
I will live in glory
To make-up my mind.
There is no doubt, 
Only if I see,
I should find out 
Who is real Me…
So, you don’t tell me 
You don’t understand, -
You are the one for me 
With happy end… 
There is no doubt, 
Only if I fly,
Two wings Pretender, 
Yellow Butterfly.
I’m your surrender 
For the rest of life
So, give me one way ticket 
Long way drive.
Refrain 2: 
I’ll be flying, swimming,
Smiling everyday.
Even though, it’s dreaming,
I won’t be the same !!!
It’s a shame – Me… crying,
Weeping like a dog.
I’m just hardly trying
Find a way through fog…
December 2008


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