Priorities In Time

Answering the Inner Child

I'll do the dusting;

          but just now, there's a mockingbird outside.

In time, I'll scrub the floor;

          for now, a great cathedral tree has called.

In time, I'll wash the windows;

          yet here's a wild river to ride.

In time, I'll put the dishes away;

          when I have finished ballooning aloft.

In time, in time,

          I'll do my earthly chores;

                                     after I've sailed the high seas.

In time, I'll find

          a moment for laundry; let me go now--I've a mountain to climb.

In time, I shall sweep the floor;

          first I must go out to play.

In time, in time,

          In my time, in my way,

                                     I live in joyous celebration.

In time,

         I know that I shall die; but first I shall sample the lush buffet.

In time,

          when my number's up,

                      don't let me say I sinned the sin of being blind or deaf or dumb of soul.

For wouldn't it be a terrible sin to go,

          and not have know the marvels of this world,

                                                                              in my time?

In time, in time,

                        all things,

                                     in their time.

© 5-20-89 C. Elizabeth Carl

© rev. 5-15-10 C. Elizabeth (Carl) Elias

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