Put Me In My Place

Would you rather I describe a tree to you
Or should I just take you to it?

Should I tell you what is fact
Or should I instead let you live under its effect?

To make life real I invite pain
To know my place
Is to be asked to move
And as I sit beyond my earned right
I welcome humility
Because I follow the path of the word
But instead of obeying
I choose to learn the lesson the hard way
It’s not that I’m that stupid
But a lesson learned is a lesson learned

I want to whisper to you now so that you will listen
For a shout is not worth the pain it will cause
Why can you not just tell me what you want from me?
Tell me everything that a woman can never tell a man
Show me the look of longing that covers your face when I turn my back
For I can never know you unless you open yourself to me

I am not afraid of your rejection
Are you afraid of my freedom?
You are able to live as you want
Yet you will not take it from me
As I pass through your life you only anticipate goodbyes
While I anticipate the next hello

The illusion of permanence
Belies the reality of what is temporal
For obsessions of a shared plot
Can only lead to separate lives

Will you remember to put me in my place once again
Or will you show me the tears of someone who hates their own freedom?

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Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 4 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

How we find our separate truths when one asks yesterday's fear to provide tomorrow's security, today... and sadly that fear has no sense of time! Interesting spectrum of emotions cast into this poem, clearly 'cast' to measure where they would fall and rest... and remain..

Thank you for your words.. PD

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