Radically Written

Days be getting darker 'cause the snow is in,

The snow so peacefully breaks the wind.

I sit out in the night hoping this will end

but no one's ever there to defend the mending trend.

Late afternoon chillin' at the park,

the snowflakes hit me like slow motion darts

I emanate all the hate from inside,

Live like tomorrow is the day I die.

So low

So high

So wrong

So right

Jettin' my way to the future with my head lights

blasting to the fullest like a thunder shock strikes.

Ouch, my head is on the ground again

I get back up from all the hell I tend to

see everyday but fuck it I'm strong

try and get to me now bitch it's too long

so I am ghost

Let me live let me out see ya on the next post

see ya on the next..


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Plarson profile image

Plarson 6 years ago from Alabama

Very powerful. Loved the imagery.

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

Thank you. Just expressing myself to the fullest.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

Pardon my french, but this has balls! Excellent :)

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

Referring to human anatomy helps haha sike na but gracias!

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