Religion and Science Fiction

Science and Religion are Complimentary

Science and Religion is not at odds with each other. In fact they compliment each other. The play and interaction of both of them make some of the best science fiction stories. There are religious concepts that are in great science fiction movies and stories like Star Trek, Star Wars, The chronicles of Riddick, Dune, etc.

Even when they seem to be at odd, that is not really the case. For example the premise of X-men seem to be contrary to religion however there are religious overtones in this as well. The example of having faith is seen clearly in the Night Crawler, and not so clearly in the character of Magneto whom seems to have turned away from faith.

Religion seems to be woven in the fabric of the story, for example in Star Wars there is a reference in "A New Hope" to the order of Jedi's as being a religion.

Let us draw on some similarities. In Judaism there is a manner a Rabbi (Master) teaches the next generation. The most common way is to go to a Yeshiva (A rabbinical university), and the second less common why is for a Rabbi to have one or two students that he teaches directly. In the case of mysticism, in times pasts, the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) would be taught from one Rabbi to one student. It is clearly seen in Star Wars a similar manner in which to teach the Jedi Students.

Then there is the concept of the "Force", this is easily comparable the Ruach HaKodesh, it is that life force that animates all living things. The difference is that in our world we can not manipulate this power and in science fiction they can.

The next installment I will make a connection with Star Trek, and with this I can draw out more religious concepts, even though it seems like it would be harder it is actually easier.

May the force be with you if you life in that world, but if you live in mine my the Almighty bless you.


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