Rise against Bullying

Rise Against Bullying

Kids face alot of obstacles in life,and one of them is bullying,someone walks down the hall,and a guy gives them dirty looks,and tries to push them around,like they are someones punching bag,does that make them cool,or make them look like a chump? Bullying is something that must be stopped,it can lead to alot of problems such as depression,anxiety,trust me i should know,i was one of those people,that got made fun of,the way i dressed,but it was my style my look,the way i talked,i couldn't help it,i used to get kicked,punched,and pushed around,but no one should ever go to school scared,worried,anxious,i mean isn't school about learning,and making friends,just cause you talk funny,dress funny,doesn't mean someone can go and mess with them,instead get to know them,they could end up being your best friend,all im saying is the bullying should come to a end.


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