Rose Water tears.


Rose Water Tears.



Chaotic roses,
young girls plucked
from the bloom

of their youth,
by lustful fingers
despicable men

making a vase of them,
for their thick

fleshy stems,
each thrusting

deeply and
planting seeds

that bear sorrow.


Lovely roses that

hold more thorns
then budding beauty,
pink petals

separated by force,
scattered in red drops,
on the back

seats of cars
and in dark alleys.

Now they sit

in dark rooms
dew drops of tears
on their fragile satin skin
shuddering from

what arose,
and deflowered them,
decorating the

blank blah
of the many homes

for unwed mothers,
they bear the

next tiny bloom
soon to spring

from their

innocence denied
and pierce their hearts
with the many

thorns of holding

unwanted children.






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