What a waste~

Strawberry patches~

Burnt in the sun~

You are scorned~

I guess because you haven’t won.

I told you the truth~

But you wouldn’t hear~

You only echoed contempt~

Throwing your spears.

As the mold grows~

Creeping up the rock~

Disdain you feel~

But don’t blame me~

I was adamant and repetitive~

Your heart to keep locked.

Your message was nasty~

Your words reverberate~

Down the mountain side~

Disrespect they resonate~

I suppose you were thinking I would hide?

You ridiculed with anger~

Like you are the only correct one~

It is derision you send~

Your negativity must weigh a ton!

Like an owl annoyed~

You have sneered at me~

Yet I have always been candid with thee. ~

I wish you to take your~

Mocking else where and hide your tail and flee!

Yet instead I express my self in rhythm~

Wounds heal I know over time~

I wish you well~

Feeling sad you are scorned~

Rather than telling you~

“To go to hell”~

As I am only human I do feel deplored.

I realize why you feel the way you do~

But there is nothing in my power to make it better~

Or help you, ~

Except express this in form~

Rather than a hate-filled letter that spurns. ~

Even though your words tried to get me torn~

I know through my savior how to be weathered~

As I am a “child of GOD reborn”! ~

My conscience weighs for me like a feather~

Now even more!

Maybe you will eventually come to grips~

And regret your spiteful snips~

Because nothing but~


Will becoming off my lips.

I am turning the other cheek~

I only hoped I had deaf ears~

Yet I did hear your mean words~

Your incorrect description of me would make the angels sneer!

You were wrong to utter such untruths~

Only scornfulness could make you so~

Ridiculously critical and aloof! ~

I offered just friendship~

But you scoffed at that too!

Expressing myself this way~

Is my only outlet~

Let us have peace~

And I hope we both will forget about it.

I must conclude~

As I have surmised~

Some people get scorned and~

Have a vicious bite! ~

When originally I offered and~

Still say “I would rather remain friends”~

As I call it a night~

Saying shalom at the end of~

A totally unnecessary plight.

What a waste~

Strawberry patches~

Burnt in the sun~

You are scorned~

I guess because you haven’t won.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv



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rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

Wonderfully expressive pictures to go along with the brilliant piece of poetry

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 4 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

rahul0324 Thank You so much~~~I send a wish that you have a wonderful day!

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