See Inside My Head

Thoughts That Expand

We travel through each day

Working toward a common goal

Providing for our family

Enjoying free time doing the things we love

Life is not always clear and clean cut

Hobbies can turn into our greatest passiion

Time management is so important

We can get lost in our dreams

It can make life difficult

Striving for new creative alternatives and aspirations

Following our inner desires

Looking for a happy medium

When there is none

Trying to balance work and sleep

Feeling the energy that we absorb

So powerful and strong

Other people can't inderstand our connection

We are creating a dotted line

That one day others might follow

Because of our dedication and effort

Now we stand silently

Building sky scrapers in the sky

Where the wind blows freely

In an open field

Where only tall weeds grow

The sun shines bright

Reflecting light from a different life


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