Selling Your Freelance Work Through Constant Content

What is Constant Content?

If you've never heard of Constant Content, the site is a place where any freelancer can sell their writing, photography and illustrations to buyers. There are a lot of places to sell your writing services and other Web content services, but few of them let you place your own prices on the work. Constant Content allows writers, photographers and other freelancers to price their items at any price they wish.

Not only can they price their work for whatever they feel it's worth, they can also sell whatever rights they want. Writers, photographers and illustrators can sell the full rights to their work, or they can sell only the usage rights and retain the rights to continue selling the work.

Each item that a member sends in to the site is checked by a Constant Content staff member to make sure that it is error free. Once that happens, the item is put up for sale on the site. Many people use Constant Content as a work at home job that they can do in their spare time or between other freelance writing gigs.

How Writers Get Paid

The buyers pay Constant Content directly and the site pays the freelancer once a month if they make the payoff amount for the month before. If you had heard about the site but didn't want to wait to be paid until you had made $50 through the site- you aren't alone. That used to be the biggest problem with the site. Fortunately, they changed this rule a few months ago and the payoff is now $5. They pay through PayPal during the first week of the month.

I very rarely have a month now that I don't get paid for something or other that sells over the course of a month. And, because they allow usage sales, it's usually for something that I've already sold elsewhere and continue to sell again and again through Constant Content.

Here's how to do this: Sign up to write for Associated Content and submit a few things. If you don't know how to do this, please see my Hub about how to do it. AC allows you to sell articles, essays, poetry and whatever else you like on that site. Sell your item for an upfront payment with performance payments and sell only the non-exclusive rights. Then, sign up for Constant Content if you haven't already and sell the usage rights to this same article or essay after it has been published on AC. It has to go to AC first or AC won't publish it. Once you've done this, you will have earned a payment for the article, you will get residuals from it from AC and you can sell usage rights to it an unlimited number of times on Constant Content.

Other Places to Sell Your Writing

If you are interested in freelance writing and you want to write about anything you want, there are a number of places where you can write about whatever the heck you want and still earn. They may not make you rich, but they are a good place to stay in control of your topics. I use a lot of these sites to write about whatever I want in between the boring writing work that I have do most of the time. Here's how they pan out in a nutshell:

Suite101: Decent money, revenue share, advancement opportunities

HubPages: Decent money if you write about popular topics, AdSense rev share, Amazon affiliate sales, easy to do, usually fun

AC: Getting a better rap now that they are more choosy about their content, payments are through up-front payments and rev shares. My payments keep getting higher every month even though I haven't written for them in over two years.

eHow: Write about whatever you want as long as it's in a how-to format, decent rev share. eHow writing must now be done through Demand Media.

Triond: Total crap. Took my stuff off and put it elsewhere, rev share- but a share of nothing is nothing. It can be useful for a backlink, but the money is nil.

Bukisa: Slow but growing, AdSense rev. share

Xomba: Kinda fun, AdSense rev share, can bookmark for rev share instead of writing, or do both. Nofollow links, but the AdSense shares are good and consistent. 

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charm_baker profile image

charm_baker 7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

Nice piece - I follow anything CC related since I started writing for them. I too have a CC hub if you want to check it out. I'm launching a related site, so if I may, I'd like to add your hub to my list of CC resource articles. Thanks.

profile image

Beaks 7 years ago from USA Author

Sure, I'd welcome that. Thanks!

Anon 7 years ago

When CC does a scrub for plagiarism, won't they see your article on AC? I would think they'd reject it as plagiarized unless it also matches your name (which might be just a pen name). Thanks for the article.

profile image

Beaks 7 years ago from USA Author

They must do some type of check, but I've never had a problem. It probably does have to do with using the same name for both.

HayleyWriter 7 years ago

Great article! I've been writing for Constant Content for quite a while now and I love it. You do have to know the submission guidelines in order to succeed, but I find it is a higher paying website than any other. I regularly sell 500 to 800 word articles for $50 to $100 and you can't get that sort of money for articles many other places.

profile image

Beaks 7 years ago from USA Author

Thanks! I love that you can sell usage rights over and over again. I have gotten a lot of monthly payments for that alone.

jadedragon 7 years ago

I've just started writing with Constant Content. What a refreshing change from ehow's issues. They are a small team and very professional.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 6 years ago from East London, in South Africa

Yes, I think it has something to do with your name appearing (it must be the same name) on articles already online elsewhere, when selling usage only articles on Constant Content - then they don't seem to have a problem. I joined just 4 days ago, and am happy with the site.

Johnny Joe profile image

Johnny Joe 6 years ago from USA

Hi, Nice info. I have a question. Can we sell the usage rights of articles published on other sites like triond, hubpages, squidoo to constant content like you mentioned about AC?

profile image

Beaks 6 years ago from USA Author

You can sell the usage rights to those articles- I've done that with articles that I've written for a few sites. You need to check with each individual site to make sure that you retain the rights to what you wrote. Most sites do allow you to keep the rights.

The editor of CC has said that you should have the same user name that you use for the other sites if you want to do that, but the articles that I did that with had a different user name, so I don't know if that's a must. Just be careful not to accidently offer full rights to something that has already been published- they take that very seriously.

Dumbledore profile image

Dumbledore 6 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

Constant Content looks like a sort of clearing house for intellectual property. I have a non-ending strugle to find income streams and must check out this service. Thanks!!

profile image

Beaks 6 years ago from USA Author

It's a nice one both because of the residual income and because you can make a faster income by answering the client request.s.

missymoo profile image

missymoo 5 years ago from Kent, UK

CC is a good website; I've sold several thousand dollars worth of articles there over the last three years or so. Nice hub!

profile image

Beaks 5 years ago from USA Author


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