Sids Snake

Sid's Snake was a comic strip that appeared in Whizzer and Chips comic between 1969 and 2000. It involved a boy called Sid who had a pet black, orange and yellow snake called Slippy that had the ability to change into all sorts of different useful shapes.

The strip was created and drawn by Mike Lacey however Jimmy Hansen the drawing of the strip later on.

Sid was also the leader of the "Whizz-Kids" who were comic strip characters who were from the Whizzer section of Whizzer and Chips. Their enemies were the "Chip-ites" who not surprisingly hailed from the Chips section. He'd regularly appear in the editorial pages to give the "Chip-ites" a spray. Sid had a particular animosity towards the "Chip-ites" leader Shiner.

Sid and his Snake appeared on the front cover of the Whizzer and Chips comic from the start until the mid 1980s.

Various Slippy and Sid Pictures


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