Sleepy Time Productions Ink.


Sleepytime Productions ink.



Dreams are the reams,
of scripts that portray,
all the wishes that gleam
in our eyes during the day,
that come to our sleep
in the wee hours to play.

In dreams all that we
ever wanted comes true,
like that girl that
you loved back in 2002,
or that one car you liked
but you couldn't afford,
chances to be heroic
wielding a sword,
a mansion of valubles
all on display,
a recording contract
with big bucks on your way,
a chance to see mom
whose been long dead and gone,
then hug her so close
in the wee hours till dawn,
plus distortions of reality
where you just might be,
a large purple mushroom
under huge pink leafed trees,
for hours eyes flutter,
as you soul sails above,
on a screen with the scenes
of what you're dreaming of.
they can sometimes be scary,
filled with laughter or charm,
but the worst part of all
is that stupid alarm,
cause right when your kissing
the most perfect of  dates,
it's time to get up
so that you won't be late.
and no matter how you try
to reclaim that dream
it's never the same,
in the morning's sun beams.

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