Standing Behind A Foolish Idea

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Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.

-Swami Vivekananda-

You’ve suggested a truly foolish idea. (Instead of tackling the big issues, let's start small.) Let’s pretend that, better or worse, this idea will be carried out soon with little to no issue resulting from it. For example, a close friend has asked you what color she should paint her toe nails. Too preoccupied with your own choices, you tell her to paint them “orange”, your head thinking you said “red.” She doesn’t completely agree with you, but, due to the fact that your style decisions have never failed her before, she goes along with it. The next day, you see her toes and are appalled. Who would’ve ever told her to paint her nails such a gaudy color? You suddenly remember that you are that person. It is evident that she isn’t pleased with your idea. She admits that everyone who has seen her feet has teased her about the color. She wants you to take her to the store to buy remover and another shade. She wants to know what you were thinking. What are you to do?

  • Pride vs. Right
  • You know her feet look gross. However, if you were to say so this would open up all of your past and future style ideasto scrutiny. Even though you weren’t entirely with it when you proposed this idea, it was still your idea. You need to stand behind it. Your pride is on the line. Yes, admitting you were wrong would be the right thing to do. However, no one wants to look stupid. If you are creative enough, you can get out of this one.
  • Make It Sound Good
  • Orange isn’t so bad, right? If she wears the right clothes, the color actually compliments her wardrobe. Tell her how wonderful you think it looks. Bring up some article in some past issue of a reputable magazine that said that orange nail polish is the new fad. Tell her that the people who tease her aren’t intelligent or savvy enough to understand such a bold color choice. As you’ve never failed her before now, it is very likely that she’ll let this one slide. It’s all in how you approach it. If you openly regard her feet with disdain, she’ll do the same. However, if you can force yourself to see potential in this blunder, she will too. In general, if you have enough proof (or think you do) to support your idea, even if you know it is wrong, as long as the end result will hurt no one, you should continue with it. It is a learning experience that you must get all you can from.
  • Think Next Time
  • Standing there, watching the stress and uncertainly fade from your friend’s face, you feel bad. If you had stopped what you were doing and given her your full attention, she’d be wearing red right now. Instead, you’ve just told a series of white lies to keep up appearances. This should not become an everyday occurrence. You need to listen more closely to what people are asking you even if it means you’ll lose your place in what you were doing. As a respected person, your opinion is highly valued. Yes, it’s annoying to be interrupted, but one day you may be on the other end of the annoyance. Would you want someone to only give you half of their attention when you need their decision making skills? Do you enjoy fumbling for a way out of your foolish idea? Try to always think before you propose an idea, even to yourself. Someone is always counting on you to suggest the right course of action.
  • It Was Ultimately Their Decision
  • Did you force your friend to apply the orange mistake? No, you didn’t. You only made a suggestion. They made the final call. It may seem like you’re trying to unburden yourself of this load, but you’re really not. In truth, you’re just taking ownership for what is really yours. Let’s say you tied your friend to a chair and forcibly painted on the orange polish while they screamed for you to stop. This is when it is all your mistake. (This is also when you should get some mental help.) However, if you didn’t force them to do it, don’t take on that burden. Yes, your opinion matters to them greatly. Still, if they are old enough to properly polish their own nails, they are old enough to decide what color is right for them. If they rely so heavily on someone (you) making all of their decisions for them, they have no right to complain when things don’t go their way. No one has to go along with your idea or support it.

Sticking to a less than wise idea is only a test of character. Are you strong and determined and thus won’t cave in when things go south? Or do you care more about how others perceive you than how you perceive yourself? No one wants to look foolish. Yet, if you appear to know what you’re doing and that you figured in these bumps, the truth that your idea is foolish will only be apparent to you. You need to have faith in yourself. If you don’t, all of your ideas will become foolish in the end.

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MangoGirl 7 years ago

Thanks for answering my request. And also, please tell me: What are your results with clickbank hoplinks? :)

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LowellWriter 7 years ago from Lowell, MA Author

I'm pretty new with clickbank. I've yet to have any results. My fingers are still crossed though.

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MangoGirl 7 years ago

Wish you the best. I hope you never payed to get into the system. :)

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LowellWriter 7 years ago from Lowell, MA Author

No. I would never pay for ads. It seems pointless. Best wishes to you too! :o)

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