Still Believe

Refrain 1:
I remember that you said:
“There is sun in your doorway,
And it’s shining right for you,
When your day has just begun.
Trust and listen to your heart,
I will never let you down.
I will take you pretty soon
To some Fairy Land.
As long as I live I will trust you,
My only tender loving tiger,
And I will keep my doors wide open,
So, my Good Luck won’t pass me by.
As long as I breathe I will hear you,
My soul always will be singing,
And I will lift my oars higher
Against the most strongest streams. 
Refrain 2:
Many years have flown by,
You keep telling me again,
That your Fairy Land is close,
So, I will see it soon.
I’m afraid of losing breath,
Still believe in our love.
I don’t want to scare a bird
Somewhere in the sky.

December 2008



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