Straining On The Ropes.

Straining against the ropes

What is drawn from
the well of ink,
often comes

like a fighter

beating his

own brains out

against a mental


empty of victory

straining at the ropes.....
....tugging my heartstrings
of inspiration, into
scripted flow.

Then it is
spilled with tears,
or cavorts with joy,
over pages of white,
where it marks
the minds of many,
and stains the souls
of those who truly care.

Thus you are a
valued reader,
far more than I
a mere writer of
melancholy murmurs
and passions
winged flutters.

For without
the readers heart
being moved,
I would have
no beat to follow,
in my tedious lines.

Without the gasps of joy,
or the trickle of tears,
I could share little of
my inspiration except,
within my own soul,
and that would be,
only an echo of what
was already felt.


Much like a

pen without ink

poets without readers

has little of substance

to mark their passing.


As a pencil

without an eraser,

a poet can be led

into mistakes left,

but the eraser is the

critiques of  peers

and readers,

which helps to ]

correct the flaws

that a poet's eyes

alone cannot catch. 

For this act of kindness
rendered with one's
eyes and mind,
"I thank you,"
in the minuscule
penning left above.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

"For without the readers heart being moved, I would have no beat to follow, in my tedious lines."

Oh pshaw! It's nothing, really, MFB!

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific heart read hub thanks

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