Ecstasy's Strength

Ecstasy makes prisoners of us all. Who can really say they have the keys that unlock the heart. Ecstasy is so vast and rich.No one person can contain it. But all have tasted it and had a glimpse of this wonderful potion.Ecstasy reaches out to you it calls you by your name.Love calls you through the day and holds you at night.Love knows you by name. (Your secret name) nothing says it the same.

Ecstasy has built cities of glory and fame, and after love was gone there was no city no more.It is as refreashing as a cold drink on a hot summer day. Excuse me for a mintue while I resite these words.The thoughts and feelings would go something like this:

Lay me down like the sun set

Make love to me as the moon

cascade across the sky

Whisper in my ear like the waters

of deep

Hold my body like I am your own

Look into my eyes as if you can

see my soul

Watch me rise with ecstasy and

in this place we shall unfold

Draw me out as if I was hiding

from love

Call me out as if you alone knew

my name

Pull me out as if you where my hero

Hold me close as if you were one with


Lift me up as if you were my strength

keep me, entertain me with your love

and I will stay in your love forever.

I hope you all enjoyed my version of Ecstasy and Love .To be without it is to be lonely.

(c)2009Sharon Smith

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SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Sarah,and thanks for your visit.


Sharon Smith

Sarah Shepherd profile image

Sarah Shepherd 5 years ago from San Diego, California

Beautiful! And marked as so!

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello EroticaAndBeyond thanks for the visit.


Sharon Smith

EroticaAndBeyond profile image

EroticaAndBeyond 6 years ago from USA

Hey Dear Lady..I am so sorry it has taken so long to return and respond. Thank you and don't be a stranger! Talk with you soon...

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello and Thanks DREAM ON,Sparkle is good But the light wins every time.I'm so glad you stopped by to read my page.:))

Sharon Smith

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

Very enjoyable.You make me sparkle with a light I haven't seen before.

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks coolmon for you ccomment and visit.:)

Coolmon2009 profile image

Coolmon2009 6 years ago from Texas, USA

Another beautiful poem; you are a gifted writer :)

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