Succumb To This

Vanessa Paul

Greyer Studios
Greyer Studios | Source
Soul Poetry and My Articles of Faith Paperback
Soul Poetry and My Articles of Faith Paperback | Source

This is sorta cute. I do not know where my mind was when I wrote this

Succumb To This

I do not die. I rise.

Strong like the phoenix- propelled by an internal fire.

Sheltered with love; but a sword governed by hate.

Race away from me now-run away I say.

You and I cannot relate

Poisoned yet precious I summon the storm

The light bearer- the night wearer with the moon and the sun in my arms

Poised with precision I crouch behind the clouds

Waiting and waiting I hear your heart beat out aloud

Directing the winds and shifting the sands, the stars and the planets rest in my hands

You must succumb to this

This is my radiance and my beauty

Die in my eyesight

Slaying you is my duty

Succumb to this kiss

Succumb to my fragrant wrists

Die- die succumb to this

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