Suicidal Overkill.

Suicidal Overkill.



The hang man's

noose is tied

and set perfect,
with a long, black,

strong extension cord,

plugged in on one end

to the wall socket,
and then looped twice

through the trigger

of a 12 gauge shotgun
which I've duct strapped

on my closet shelf's board

and aimed at my chest

to blast this heart

she once adored.


The cord's quite

frayed it will sizzle me,
at the place where

it tightens around my neck,

and if it's not strong enough

there is the kiddy pool

just beneath where my toes

will dangle in six inches

of water when I kick

my three legged wobbly,

old chair aside.


My "Clap On,

Clap Off" system's working,
one clap and my last thoughts

will be fried into oblivion forever,

of course if all else fails

the pills I just took will make it

easy, to finish the job
in a huge overdosing

of course.


If my strangulated

jerks don't yank

on the trigger,
when I'm shocked

without any remorse,
then the noose will

still pull tight to hang me,
with my feet dangling

in six inches of a conductor,

taking my ticket to

anywhere but here.]


If the cord breaks then

sixty pills will kill me,

as I drown in 25

gallons of water.

Just some safeguards

against living any longer.


Thanks for listening,

I Just can't take it no more.





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Poohgranma profile image

Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

My sick sense of humor has me laughing again. What I AM wondering is how this has gone on eight long months without one single reply and you live on and write on and feed us with all that's in you - the need to feed. Twas my writing, I would have put the plan in action but you know you are good. I've yet to decide.

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