Survivors Of Hard Scrabbled Land.




Beyond the shadows

of the mountains that

loom over Alberquerque
in just another forty miles or so
you ride through endless canyons
and in the valleys of these cliffs
squat clustered trailers,

and some houses
they sit baking in the hot sun just
waiting for cliff shade to fall
like the caves of ancient natives
they survive in air-cooled chambers
all these doors and

windows sealed against
the elements outside
for it's here skin turns to leather,
tongues like dry gourds rattle teeth
and you dare not venture far
from your backyard in these canyons
they are a maze that has trapped many,
their bones lie buried underneath.

It's majestic here.... it's sweeping
but it also has sharp edges
all around each frail oasis,t

there lie gateways to an oven
far out there, where red rocks tumble
no ears hear their rumbling clatter
desert creatures dash, and scuttle
and resettle in new burrows
even they percieve the value of
finding niches that are cool.

They roam their paradise by moonlight
when their desert star has set.

All living creatures kmow
New Mexico's a Senorita
who is headstrong. unpredictable
and those who seek to love her
take a gamble, when they ramble
across the yards of her great skirts
with its red and orange rimmed edges
browns and greens they dot her shirt
and though often she caresses
with soft winds, her beauties shared
much more often she'll  just crush you
underneath her burning glare .


No one's tamed this Senorita
they all remain here by her graces
living in a modern era
a generation lost in spaces
and perhaps Earth's global warming
will bring sorrows to her face,
if her broad lengths change forever
she'll be gone without a trace.

Beyond the shadows of the mountains
that loom over Alberquerque
lies a lady who's great beauty will bring
smiles that s t r e t c h for miles.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

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ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Great poem and I know exactly what you mean about the land of enchantment as I lived there for 10 years. You did it justice. Great job.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I wish I could check it out. Thanks MFB!

Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 6 years ago from Calcutta

A very picturesque conjuring by the essential humanist!Great poem!

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