Tales Of Torment

Poem Two

Death Had Come To Stay

The shadows taunted her,

invading her nightmare like tasks,

their faces evincing no emotion,

as if their faces were masks,

her night gown slipped down to her waist,,

as the shadows moved at a slow pace,

it was certainly nothing she chose,

and her small round breast stood exposed,

it was more than frightening,

as the shadows could see

the muscles on her face tightening,

there was desperate fear

and the scent of death

was rising on the warm air,

weakening as the nightmare came apart,

the shadows could even hear,

the soft beating of her heart,

through the brilliant stain of tears,

it would never wash away the fears,

then a flicker of light would dance,

she slowly moved away,

but she had no chance,

death had come to stay.

Poem One

The Torment Ran Deep


First the laughter,

then voices were calling,

I don’t think I caught my breath

until I’d reached the street,

the rain was falling,

and that’s when our eyes would meet,

the street light seemed desolate in the rain,

beautiful, but plain,

the puddling water would leave a rainbow trail.

And the sky above was oddly pale,

but I didn’t care,

I reached out for her now,

as she drew near,

I felt her somehow,

the lightning lit up the pale skies,

and she was smiling,

for a moment I didn’t believe my eyes,

all my emotions would fold,

she put her hand on my cheek,

she was cold,

my legs grew weak,

and then, as if she could feel my pain,

she would weep,

and the passion inside me would sleep,

darkness would peek,

but she would not speak,

I was the wolf,

and she was the sheep,

as the torment ran deep.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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Jennuhlee profile image

Jennuhlee 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

Wow, really great writing here, I love your style, so dark and smooth. Beautiful, really great work.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton Author

Thanks Jenn :) for reading

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