Tears of Our Children

What's happened to our children

Once they were young and carefree

Now they are sad and distant

What's happened to their dreams

They used to tell

What's become of their

Secrets they use to share

No more are the smiling faces

We look into the eyes of hopelessness

The sound of laughter we no longer hear

Replaced with their tears

The souls of tomorrow have become

The shadow of the future

Their tears rain down on us

Like a waterfall from heaven

What's happened to their innocence

Gone is the belief in fairy tales

To them there is no happily ever after

With each day they face the reality

Food shortage

Illness and disease

Survival has taken place of games

Running for your life is second nature

Their tears of frustration

As they weep for salvation

The kiss of death is with them every steep

The gift of life is a precious price

Curse not the violation but the


We weep with you understand your plight

Your tears are not in vain

We too carry your pain

And your tearsĀ 

We feel each day

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ralwus 7 years ago

So sad, but true in some parts of the globe.

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