Thanks for taking out the trash

 I used to want to fight for my man

and fight with my man

I used to want to please my man

and give all to my man

I used to want to lose myself in my man

and submit to my man


But now I don't have my man

Because he wasn't my man

Because I was not me

Just a figment of what I thought I should be


And now that I'm me I can't even see that man

being my man

Because that man ain't the man for me

and that man couldn't even take who I've turned out to be


Thank you for taking the man

I hope he's your type of man

Because my type of man

will be the kind of man who knows how

to love a black woman



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MoniQua'sMemoirs profile image

MoniQua'sMemoirs 7 years ago from Kansas City

I love your style! Beautiful & LOVELY! ~Mo~ ;)

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