That Which is Essential

Sine Qua Non

There is a little red light in the center of my mind
It is always on
I wonder about it sometimes
Even when it is gone
But how can something that is always on
Sometimes be gone?

The essential ingredient
For existence
Only flickers in my life
Or so it seems

And what is gone
Even it's reflection
Is my understanding of what is essential
Because the light is blocked by rejection

I see the light
Not piercing but a diffused glow
As the source reveals itself
When I say, “I know”

As I pass the point of decision
The glow emerges once again
But it is behind me now
And I see a shadow of another man

The source is blinding
And I ignore what I should see
I shut my eyes for I cannot imagine the pain of the sun
And then what I have experienced is all that is real to me

In truth is the source of life
Yet no man can know other than what is visible to the eye
In all manner of falsehood is blindness
For the source of truth must wait to tell us why

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