The Bitter Morning After Pill


The Bitter Morning After Pill ---ow!!  

The hollow
in one's soul
often matches
the hollow
in one's bed
to their left,
which is never right,
for even when it is,
someone will
still have left,
and the morning after
is the mourning after
what is gone,
and what is gone
comes after
what has come
and then
is gone again,
and the hollow
in ones soul,
or in his fondest hopes
is a bottomless pit,
into which we
tumble when alone,
and flail at
the falling,
then fall
at the failing
to keep it
all near us
night after,  
morning after
ever after.....
seldom captured
and never rapture
when the side cherished
that lies closest to you
is a cold hollow
on a starched sheet
in the morning sun.



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poetlorraine 7 years ago

have you beeen reading jess kilmenow.... oh you are him ha ha

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