The Digital Revolution: Amazon's Kindle e-Book

e-Books and e-Readers

The Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, are all changing the way authors can avoid the long process that publishers require. They all offer the e-method of publishing in the digital age, which allow the book to be published for the e-readers. Amazon has the Kindle, Barnes & Noble, the Nook, the iPad is Apple's and so on.

Authors can make money, sometimes, serious money, by getting their books into the correct format required by each of the e-readers and sell at substantial reduced rates than the identical book found in a bookstore.

That is what Nyree Belleville did. Her pen name is Bella Andre and she lives in Sonoma, Calif. with 12 published romance books that earned her $21,000 last year. Not bad. However, not happy with that income, she started to convert the paper copies into e-books just as her career fizzled. She create e-copies of her books and then uploaded to Amazon. Time passed and then she was notified that 161 copies were sold, earning her $281 in a few weeks. She continued to place the books on the other sites, as well as more onto Amazon. A month passed and she earned $474. By July of last year, her monthly revenue was $3,539. She quickly created a new e-book and posted it. Within another month, her income was $19,315. She even posted old books that she had written years ago and went nowhere. All e-books cumulatively gave her $116,264 for a quarter of a year!

Whatever sell price she asks for, 70% goes to her. Buyers are in the USA, UK, and Germany, once the e-book is posted. At the end of each month, a check is sent to her. Because the files are mostly text, they take no time to upload. Selecting a 70% royalty option limits your high selling price to $9.99. 

If you are published author or self-publisher, failing to ride the digital wave with e-books for the various e-readers is a serious flaw in your financial plan!

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janiek13 profile image

janiek13 5 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

What a fantastic idea!

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

I am doing it now.

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