The Many Faces of Eve: Crack Junkie


Crack-Junkie: "I can't tell you how many rehabs I've been to -I've lost count, I can't even tell you when I'm getting out... Drugs didn't used to be what I was all about -I had dreams, goals, desires...but my dreams turned into dilapidated nightmares filled with 'pipe' dreams riding on 'white horses' down the tracks of my arms and my goals became engulfed in 'white powder' and 'liquefied dope' schemes with 'smoke' filled desires that started to choke me until I couldn't breathe anymore and I die a thousand deaths every day when I wake up trying to hold onto the last shred of hope that I can resurrect myself -I murdered my babies, and my body is a haven for disease -I'm infested with incurable viruses and things derision can't see with its Almighty eye, so help me God, I've been emotionally and spiritually and mentally and physically and metaphysically and cosmetically, and ineradicably torn, worn, sworn, beaten, defeated, miss-leaded, depleted and I don't know what I'm living for -because to be sober -to be straight doesn't give me anything to do today -my life was smack -is crack -in fact -I need a hit, man!"

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Say Yes To Life profile image

Say Yes To Life 2 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

Good warning! Don't ever touch that stuff - not even once!

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