The Mood Ring - Short Story

‘Look, auntie, look!’ shouted the boy. ‘Those rings change colour depending on your mood! Can I have one?’ ‘Ask your dad’ she replied automatically as she was just reading a page from a guide.

They were all on a family trip to Portsmouth, visiting old war ships and picturesque surroundings. After a visit to the experience centre, where boys spent quite a long time on a climbing wall, they were all tired and wanted to go home. Still they have stopped for a moment in the souvenir shop to buy a few postcards on their way out.

‘Look auntie, it’s light blue now and it means that I'm content and in peace’ said the boy. ‘How do you know?’ she asked him looking at the ring and noticing that it really changed colour. All rings in the box were green, while the one on boy's finger was blue. ‘I've got an instruction explaining what each colour means’ he said and showed the paper to his aunt.

Mood ring
Mood ring | Source

She started to feel curious about all that and just for fun put one of the rings on her finger. It immediately turned into deep intensive blue, much darker than the colour on the boy's ring. She wandered what instruction was saying about it so she had a quick look. It said: ‘You are in love and a very happy person’. ‘I like that’ she thought and without thinking bought the ring.

It was a cheap souvenir, she knew, yet it was something magical about it. It was also quite pretty with Celtic motifs, a spiral in the centre and triangular knots on sides. She showed it to her boyfriend and told him what the dark blue meant. She wanted him to know she was very happy with him as he had trouble to believe it sometimes. She thought that if it was a ring showing her emotions, he couldn't doubt it.

He smiled at her and said that it doesn't really know her mood but that it works based on the body temperature. The higher the temperature, the better the mood colour. It lost its magic straight away. She felt silly buying it now still it was quite amusing to watch the colours changing.

When they've got back home she checked the internet. Her boyfriend was right, the mood stone worked on the body temperature. It was called a mood stone because of the assumption that happier person will have higher body temperature, while stress and tiredness will decrease the temperature enough for the ring to detect it and change its colour to grey or even black.

She wasn't convinced and she felt betrayed. ‘They shouldn't call it a mood stone’ she thought. ‘What if I went to ski and the ring would show I'm stressed while I would be having fun on the slopes. Ridiculous!’ she thought sulkily.

She had an urge to throw the ring away but she thought that it would be fun to make an experiment and see what colour it would have for other people. It also was a good way of mentioning their trip to Portsmouth as many people noticed she had a ring and were asking about it.

Several weeks passed and the ring was still with her. It kept changing colours depending on the weather and the environment. It didn't have one solid colour anymore; it looked more like a rainbow or a colour gradient. Most of the time, it stayed in shades of blue with a dash of green in the middle. Sometimes, especially on chilly days, the colours were moving towards pink and purple so it looked like a morning sky. On other occasions it was more like a sunset sky with shades of orange and golden yellow. It felt like the ring was alive, never the same again and always changing.

She realised that she doesn't want any other ring. Neither gold nor silver, not even diamonds behaved like that, they were always the same - a bit of a sparkle here and there but no real life. This cheap souvenir ring was one of a kind and she treasured it a lot. It kept reminding her about the ancient truth that everything changes and that the future is not defined by the past.

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arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

I remember getting one of those rings when i was in the uk. whenever i was free i'd put it on for fun to see what mood it says i'm in. i knew it worked with body temperature but still enjoyed it. I think i still have it somewhere. enjoyed the story :)

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanks arksys :) I was a bit surprised to find it in Portsmouth souvenir shop - it has no connection to old war ships in my opinion but maybe the owner knows better :)

Teylina profile image

Teylina 5 years ago

Boy, does this hub take me back! Happy days--those of the mood ring craze. But what I really like about this hub is your last paragraph. Oh, how true. "Baubles, bangles and beads" - no moods there! Up and beautiful

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank you Teylina.

It's funny as I haven't had exposure to the mood stone as a child so now I'm catching up :D

sonia05 profile image

sonia05 5 years ago from india

wow! this is quite interesting! I wish I had such a kind of ring which reflected different moods of a person! Even if it is based on the body temperature,still it is fun and brings change in monotonous day to day lives!

Very nice hub! voted up!

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank you sonia05 - I just had an idea of a magical ring that would show the colors of love you had in your beautiful poem - couples would know if their passion is still red or become black without them noticing

Teylina profile image

Teylina 5 years ago

Ania, what a terrific idea! If it worked, you could make a fortune. And, no, neither did I have such a thing when young. They came out later, and the fad at the beginning took consumerism, friendship and love to all new heights!

MsDora profile image

MsDora 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Beautiful story with a beautiful message. Can you guess how I'll vote on this one?

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank you MsDora for stopping by and reading, as for the guess... I might be wrong but... how about beautiful :)

wingedcentaur profile image

wingedcentaur 5 years ago from That Great Primordial Smash UP of This and That Which Gave Rise To All Beings and All Things!

Interesting! You seem to specialize in writing... sort of... very brief, narrative wisdom stories of sorts. I loved this one! Keep up the good work.

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank you once again @wingedcentaur for reading my stories - it means a lot to me.

stephen harman 4 years ago

I have one my self and it is good I would like to know all the colors mean

Ania L profile image

Ania L 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Stephen, have a look at the article at , written by the fellow hubber who explain colour meanings

johnmariow profile image

johnmariow 5 months ago from Connecticut

I've heard about mood rings. I like the flow of this short story from the girl's initial fascination with the ring to her reaction to the truth about how the ring worked. It is indeed a beautiful well written short story.

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 months ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank you for your kind words :)

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