The Playstation 3

Playstation 3

What does the Playstation offer? What can it do? How great is it?

Well im about to tell you,question is what can't it do? Its a blu-ray player,it can print,internet is free,it offers alot of things. The controls are great,the controller has "six axxis" which means the controller can interact with games. Such as Burnout Paradise,you can turn the controller like a steering wheel. Or infamous where you can control a lighting storm,by moving your controller left or right. Another thing it offers,is avatar world "Playstation home" its great,downside is you have to pay money for avatar items,but some are free. As for the games,they are amazing! Such as God of War,storyline is great,the graphics from the video is like watching a movie. Last is Playstation Move,its like the wii,you have a navigator,and a motion controller. A lot games now offer Playstation Move,such as Killzone 3,Socom 4,Resistance 3,and Little Big Planet 2. They also have a line of just Playstation Move games,such as Lights Out,Just Dance 3,and Champion Sports. So if your looking for a system to get this Holiday get a Playstation 3,they are reliable and the service is amazing!

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nenytridiana profile image

nenytridiana 5 years ago from Probolinggo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia

I like to play PES or Winning Eleven. PS 3 just make me more enjoy that game. Thank you for the information writing poetry.

writingpoetry profile image

writingpoetry 5 years ago from Texas Author

anytime,glad you liked it.

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