The Refuge


...self discovery

The rustling leaves of the jungle floor cannot Conceal your frenzied breath lost to terror

The denizen of the wild stalks his prey
Under cover of the nocturnal veil of unsuspecting lure,
Bipedal; his hollow eyes expose his missing soul.

Lurking in the shadows salivating at a scent
Your feet move at a hurried pace as you feel the beast draw near
Gasping as your mouth runs dry, all hope now seems abandoned
Until a clearing in the brush reveals a river. You seek refuge.

Half submerged you look down
And stare in shock as the beast looks back at you.

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ginjill ashberry 4 years ago


Is that a denture in the dog's mouth?

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Joe Friedman 4 years ago from Chicago, Il Author


Burchard 2 years ago

It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and provides prtgsaaimdc solutions.

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