The Riddle of Me


I am unsure
about my deal.
Am i fantasy
or real?
An illusion,
a mirage
or am I but
an art collage?
Am I surreal
and do not know,
or am I just
reflective show?
Who I am,
I must confess...
is not clear.
I can only guess.
I have a sense
of the divine
in this misty
head of mine.
It is enough
today to be
who I find
myself to be.
I'm a mystery...
a riddle so sublime.


"Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved."

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WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

No_clue is apt for this one!

I like it!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

So it is, WillStarr, so it is! Thanks for your loyalty and ever encouraging comments!

bbnix profile image

bbnix 5 years ago from Southern California

You are both real and sublime, it's the world that is surreal..

It is such a pleasure to experience your poetry, and this one, since I'm a lifelong artist, paints a picture for me, especially...

And from this misty headed person, as well, thank you my dear friend.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

You are a gem, bbnix! Thank you!

vietnamvet68 profile image

vietnamvet68 5 years ago from New York State

I'm a mystery, a riddle so sublime. I like this.

God Bless

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Yes to all of it and more. The mystery and the Divine. Beautiful. Glad I hopped and found you.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..please lead me onto ...your promised poetic land - and there is no other alter ego here who rocks my world - as much as you!!!!!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Denise, thank you, thank you, and I will hop on over to your site and check out your work!

epigramman, you are my poetic heart-throb! any poet's dream!

Spirit Whisperer profile image

Spirit Whisperer 5 years ago from Isle of Man

How do you explain the colour green to a blind man who has never seen the colour? I love the way you try in this poem.

Thank you.

Elizabeth99 profile image

Elizabeth99 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

Very nice and mysterious. :)

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Spirit Whisperer, Can anyone truly capture the essense of the color green and convey it is it truly is, in all its hues and tones, to a blind man? I can only try, right? Been told God loves a sure hope so!!! Thank you and you are welcome! Love and light!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Elizabeth, thank you...I so appreciate your visit!

profile image

janbee 5 years ago are Very Real! A wonderful person with a Divine sense of self! Hugs to you,my friend!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

janbee, you are a good friend, indeed!

Fossillady profile image

Fossillady 5 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

a life unexamined is not worth living, i think that's a quote from Einstein, anyway it fits! Looooved your poem!

We create who we are!!!

justom profile image

justom 5 years ago from 41042

Another good one, I can't keep up with you :-P Peace!! Tom

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

justom, I am having some trouble with that, myself! Thanks! and Peace to you, as well!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Fossillady, I think Einstein was very right! I am just learning that we create who we are...I'm a late bloomer but...a bloomer, nonetheless! That in itself was a revelation! I love your comments! You are an awesome gal!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

What a great signature piece for your writing moniker...No_Clue! I loved it. Nice work! WB

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Smiles...thanks Wayne! This one was a fun write!

Docmo profile image

Docmo 5 years ago from UK

Very good- very mysterious and deep. Love it!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Docmo, I am quite happy, thank you, Sir!

Umna Safdar profile image

Umna Safdar 5 years ago

I too have got some similar thoughts...liked the poem.. :)

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Thank you, Umna! I appreciate your visit and comment!

BeyondMax profile image

BeyondMax 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Oh, my God. The style is amazing, so perfect and smooth flow! I love the expressions, it's so intriguing =)

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 4 years ago Author

Ahhh, thank you, Max, that is quite a compliment, indeed! I am thrilled!

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