The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever.


The saddest Christmas tree ever. ©MFB III

<><><><><><><><><><><><><     It stood for just awhile
a black silhouette
in the heart of New York
all through that cold December
of 2001
symbolizing great sorrow
that was raised by terror
its tree like ruins
tilted to the left
for all who once dwelt there
had most recently left
in the fall of their lives
and underneath it lay
the unboxed souls of many
who had once decorated
its many hollows
with laughter and life
much later that tree of rubble
was dismantled and
its base scraped clean
and all that was
was no more
it was
the saddest
Christmas tree ever
where many came
to pay tribute
and leave memories
in colored scraps
of yesterdays draped
around it in a
garland of tears

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