The Science Of Poetry.

The Science Of Poetry.



There is no rhyme
or reason when
a poem is complete,
just that facade
of feelings splayed
on pages

of emptiness.

That warm fuzzy

joy of accomplishment

when one has accomplished

what they meant.

Each person reads
a poem differently,
some with

no rhythm at all,

some as if it were

a rap or chan tand  
others just  

diddy-bopping along.

No one else can feel
what you felt when you
read your own writings,

each person has their own

unique way of processing

thoughts that are spelled out

for them in poems...
but still we try to reach
the grumbling masses with
the essence of

hope and despair,
spelled out in

simple language.


we succeed
when others

take communion
with our work

and are baptized
in it's warmth...and wit.



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