The Shower Of Life

A Little Water Goes Along Way

In the spring and summer I do my best

To keep as many plants alive

I hook up my hose and water the plants I have planted in the past

Some didn't make it over the winter but most of them pull through

I walk and water and talk to my plants

Grow baby grow

Let me see what your made of

Bring me flowers

Bring me happiness in every leaf

Grow tall and strong and I will water you all summer long

I love your colors of green and yellow and sometimes red

I give you a treat

A mouthful of miracle grow to keep you well fed

Each morning I get up early before the sun is up and bright

Walking and talking among all the different plants that I see

Many I don't know by name

But we are all friends I am sure of that

From the smallest flower to the grass that turns green

A handful of annuals scattered about that give great color to every day

The perrenials that come back year after year

They cover the ground from end to end

A shy white rosebush that blooms quickly then goes into hiding

Ornamental grass that climbs high

Border plants that line the driveway like runway lights at night

An occasional weed that comes to visit and I have to send them on their way

I dig them up and put them in my weed pile so they can prosper

These are just some of the plants that flower and bloom

I am sure there are many more buried under the rich soil that I see

As I shut off the water and walk away who will surprise me tomorrow

Will it be a purple flower or soft greens lambs ear that wants to grow

I can't wait and as always I leave you with a final note

Grow baby grow with every gust of wind that blows

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shara63 profile image

shara63 4 years ago from Delhi

this is what i love doing everyday....nature my best friend never leaves me in solitude!........dreamOn, i really liked your natural composition!

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida

DREAM ON....You really are plant lover...what a beautiful picture you painted with your the direction you are going lately...something wonderful must be encouraging your thoughts...whatever...go with suits you....

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 4 years ago Author

shara63 I love that nature always is giving.You find so many things in life seem to be take,take,take.I love a nice refreshing nature walk to put me in my place.kj force I can learn so much more if I only open my eyes wide to see.Many times I think I see but then I notice I haven't really looked.There is a bug on that leaf.There is a small flower starting to grow.There is a new shoot starting to spread.My my where were my eyes in the back of my head.Thanx so much and may nature continue to surpirse and guide us.Have a great day.

PHILLYDREAMER profile image

PHILLYDREAMER 4 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

Gardening sounds fun.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 4 years ago Author

PHILLYDREAMER Have you ever had your own garden? It is so rewarding to see something you have grown from nothing. Hang in there even if some plants die.Thanx so much for reading.

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