The Smoke Bomb Protest.

The Smoke Bomb Protest.

She smothered herself

to death by asphyixation

through smoke inhalation,
in a rubber sealed,

glass coffin she'd had built

for this occasion.

Just last night on the

back of Dad's truck

which she'd parked

near the door
of the the R.J. Reynolds

Tobacco company,

she'd so grown to abhor.

Her protest came two years

after her Dad perished

from lung cancer's afflictions,
and well after they'd refused

in court to admit to any part

in his deadly addictions.

It took 17 packs of

non-filtered cigarettes

and a tightly enclosed space,
but the eventual lack of air

and her despair,

made her point in that place.




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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

I am so sorry God speed I feel very bad lost life people smoke its life great hub thanks

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