The Darker Side Of Dew


The Darker Side Of Dew.


In the wee hours of mourn,
Mother Nature weeps
glistening tears for all
that is perpetuated against her
by the callous acts of man.

Her many limbs stretch
starkly skyward,
as if to beg why?
and her sorrow exudes
tiny dops of dew,
for all that men don't
pause to consider as harmful.

Thus when the sun
rises amidst smog,
and over toxic waters,
to shine down on
carbon dioxide choked grass,
and acid rain burnt leaves,
ten trillion sparkles of
nature's lamentations
gleam like precious jewels,
each one sadly reminiscent
of what the world once was....
now a diamond in the rough.


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CorriStar profile image

CorriStar 7 years ago from Winsted Ct

I like this one A LOT

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