The Backwards Concept of Change (a Poem)

Change is a weird yet wilful concept,

A notion which some consider inept.

Change is something which gets us annoyed,

Yet change is a concept we cannot avoid.

Change is essential for all living things;

A mighty change occurs in the smallest of stings.

Yet what is it that makes us all so afraid,

Of most things we see now soon being decayed?

Is it the fear of leaving behind

The treasures that took us so long to find?

Or is it the fact that we may no longer

Possess the things that make us stronger?

Without change would we remember so strongly Shakespeare?

Or even cavemen, of so much we do hear?

After all, is it not to them we do owe

Today’s attitudes and feelings written in the snow?

A world without change simply would not function,

Without growing old we’d not reach the next junction.

Each wrinkle we acquire proves the existence of change,

Something so amazing yet just out of range.

With a little effort and determination too,

You’ll see what the human really can do,

If you want to change and try to pull through,

Be honest with yourself - what’s stopping you?

Most people see change as a dark, evil cloud,

Hanging over their life like a huge black shroud,

But when things go wrong and you’ve nothing left to say,

You’ll see who steps in to heroically save the day.

Yes, Change is our friend, a shocker, I know,

But really all Change is trying to show

To you, a father or sister or wife,

Is that life is Change and Change is life.

© 2010 by Daniella Wood. All rights reserved. Copying without permission is illegal and will be prosecuted.

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hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 6 years ago from Italy

Great poem, especially the final sentence is a perfect summary. "Life is change and change is life". Simply perfect. Rated up.:)

DaniellaWood profile image

DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England Author

Thanks so much, hypnodude, I'm glad you liked it! I feel it's an important message for those who listen :)

passonno73 profile image

passonno73 6 years ago

Great Poem!

TINA V profile image

TINA V 6 years ago

This is a meaningful poetry. I like these lines - - -

“Change is something which gets us annoyed,

Yet change is a concept we cannot avoid.”

You’ve hit it right! Many people really get irritated if something is changed but failed to realize that it is something everybody will experience in life. Here’s my share of poetry about change…

"Change can either be good or bad

One can either be happy or sad;

But change can make someone grow

As a person, I guess . . .

Yet it is up to you to show

Just embrace change at your best."

I hope you like it. Enjoy your week!

DaniellaWood profile image

DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England Author

Tina that's brilliant, I love it! Thanks for the contribution, you have a good week too!

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