The Dove and the Chick (poem)

A dove who had lived on her own

Shear loneliness was all she knew

Where teardrops were more than a few

Her memories were hers alone


It happened she happened on nest

With one lonely chick there inside

And no one to call it its pride

So she thought that she’d try her best


She showered the chick with her love

Which never saw sunshine before

There wouldn’t be tears anymore

A promise she made to her dove


And so the chick grew without care

Its mother was all of its needs

A lifetime alone she now heeds

For this all its needs she would bear


For chick she would take to the sky

For chick she would search for their food

To ask for chick’s help would be rude

Her heart saw no reason to try


But winter must soon come around

For chick it was just one more day

It paid no heed to her delay

Or that she lay dead on the ground

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vkwok profile image

vkwok 2 years ago from Hawaii

This was a sad ending.

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