The Hour (poem)

What is the hour now passing though my head

A fleeting thought whose whispers shout to me

Forget all things and follow me instead

Waylay all doubts of how things ought to be


And from its shadows lights excite my way

My eyes add lies this dream could not explain

As if the needs of reason didn’t stray

To parlors where the need of things abstain


Don’t leave me comes the echo of the moon

It spreads its beam for me across the sky

Some other heart gave magic to its tune

Some other heart would have to say goodbye


For me and now this hour’s hold leads me on

To live its kiss before its time is gone

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vkwok profile image

vkwok 2 years ago from Hawaii

Wonderful poem, Martin!

Anita Stout 2 years ago

Absolutely beautiful! If you're on G+ join us in the POETS community. Look me up there if you need an invite.

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