There is No Alzhiemers In Heaven.

There is no Alzhiemers in heaven.



There is no

Alzhiemers in heaven,
though a guy named
Al Zhiemer,

lives there.

He died at the

ripe age of ninety,
after eating ten

hunks of salami.

With a smile he walked

to heaven's gate,
hoping they

had some more
on a solid gold plate.

Sweet Elizabeth's
waiting to greet you,
you should Just

keep the faith,
till your dead.

When the saints roll out
red carpet for you,
she'll say "That's nice
but hey it's just Fred."

Then you'll

spend youthful

centuries together,
with no pain or

lost memories at all.

Keep God's book

on the shelf,
and don't play

with yourself,
or chase nursing home

gals down the hall.

Tell Jesus just how

much you love him,
let him know that

you are an old timer,
he forgives on the spot,

even what you forgot.

He's one guy who

does not have Alzhiemer's.

Then when your

 time has come,
you will go with a smile.

Angels who look

like Beth will fly down,
cradle you in their arms,
blessing you with their charms,
as they fly you in heavenly style,
Right back to Elizabeth after so long,
and the rest is a good dream come true.

Lovely mansions of gold,
where you'll never grow old,
amidst all those who've

 gone before you.


When you get there

 you'll remember what i said

Cause there is no

 Alzhiemers in heaven.







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