Time is dangerous


Each year, each month, each week, each day, each minute, each seconds we watch time as it changes.

For every change, time brings happiness or pains to us. Yet, it must always change and walk away from us.

In time, we see reasons to love. In time, we see reasons to hate.

In time, people may make us do things we never wanted to do. In time, great lovers can go apart.

In time, your heart may be broken that you may decide never to love again.

In time great marriages may end that one may decide never to marry again.

In time a lips that often kisses and often said, “I love you”, may say words that may hurt you more than ever.

Things and people may change in time.

Even faiths had changed in time.

Yet, a strong faith never changes at all times.

Time is all it takes to change.

Only a true and a faithful love shall have the strength to pass the test of time.

Our love is not afraid of time because as time changes, our love surely changes and grows stronger.

Our change shall certainly, forever, be for better.

My love! Our tomorrow shall definitely always be greater than our today, for time is dangerous so we must never let this message out of our hearts.

For you and, I

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