To be or not to be you


If i were you

i wouldn't have broken that heart

like this.

Even if it was meant to end

like this,

I must have shown remorse

I must have tears rolling down the eyes.

I'm trying every trick

to understand

what would have gone through your mind?

what things made you trade my love?

As, I have been you.

Thinking and acting like you lately

I have been in the mind and heart of your body.

I still cannot understand much.

Can't solve the riddle.

It has to be you

to be you.

If i were you,

i'd still have fallen short of many things

you do.

I'd continue to play you

all my life

to know

what made my heart suffer

like this.

There is no happiness in playing me

and living with the pain of not knowing why.

If i were you,

you would still have broken my heart again

like this.

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Theater girl profile image

Theater girl 3 years ago from New Jersey

This has twists and sad and unsettling, and I like it very much!

Rajan Dhir profile image

Rajan Dhir 3 years ago from Delhi, India Author

@Theater girl. Thank you.

AnnaCia profile image

AnnaCia 3 years ago

Hi Rajan. If I am not wrong, the picture is a rose. If it is a rose with blood, it really say a lot. I love your poem and feel your words. There are many questions like the ones you mention. Thank you very much.

Rajan Dhir profile image

Rajan Dhir 3 years ago from Delhi, India Author

@AnnaCia. It is really encouraging. Thank you.

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