Unleashed Undead.



Above the hairs
raised on your head
and nails chewed
into tattered shreds,
and sweatballed sheets
piled on your bed,
a purple moon is on the rise
across the evil ebony skies
reflecting in your bulging eyes.

The wind it mocks
your whimpering sighs....

Each creak, each groan
brings prayer beseeched
"What's That!!..My God!!"
your limit's reached,
a nervous wreck
washed up and beached,
on devils isle
defenses breached,
this hallow eve
~  ~
\   /

The dank foul smell
of rotting flesh,
the grisly pulp
and cartiledge,
in a satin box a
restless corpse,
feels evil's call
to metamorph,
the hinges spring
the lid works free,
the soil loosens
then from below
what once breathed air,
seeks to escape
its musty lair,
a melon head of
mold and bone,
emerges on its
journey home,
returning now
to all who fear,
the doorbell rings
_  _
\    /


The next day finds
an empty house,

some spots of blood
a chewed up blouse,

ten nails gouges
dug in the floor
that lead right out
the open door
and on the door
painted in red
a macabre note
that simply said
"We feed on fear
to it we're led
beware of the
unleashed, undead!"

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